I. Construction and installation work for the project: "Improvement of energy efficiency in the municipality of Kotel by updating the street lighting system in the town of Kotel"

The activity includes the implementation of the following measures envisaged in the energy efficiency audit:

1.Replacement of luminaires: A complete replacement of all luminaires with modern LEDs with reduced power losses is proposed. Using them will guarantee very accurate achievement of the set lighting characteristics with significantly less electricity consumed.

2.Introduction of an energy management and renewable energy system The development of smart street lighting is related to the deployment of Internet of Things technologies in the urban environment. This helps to improve the quality of life of the population, optimize costs and provide additional services through the associated lighting infrastructure. Internet of Things-connected systems allow you to adjust the amount of light according to atmospheric conditions, for example, or on a pre-set schedule for each day of the year. One of the most important benefits of this intelligent connectivity is the ability to increase security in the city by tailoring lighting to different emergencies such as road accidents.

3.Establishment of a system for monitoring energy consumption Remote sensing meters will be included in the system, allowing direct access to real-time reading of the energy consumed.

4.Establishment of a system for automation and management of energy consumption

5.Construction of a photovoltaic system to cover their own needs -Delivery and installation of standalone photovoltaic lamps. After the implementation of the system the following improvements will be achieved: • Reduction of purchased energy from an external supplier; • Utilization of energy from a renewable energy source; • Ensuring energy independence; • High level of energy efficiency.

II. Exchange of experience, knowledge and best practices with the Partner

The Norwegian partner of the Municipality of Kotel under the project will conduct a study of the best practices in Europe in the implementation of such projects. On this basis, a review of the technical specifications for street lighting and photovoltaic capacity in the project will be made and optimization measures will be proposed in order to achieve an improved financial, economic and technical result. A detailed feasibility study of the proposed measures to improve the performance of the reconstructed street lighting system is provided. Preliminary selection and conclusions will be made for the products with the best parameters.

By on-site visit of two experts from the Norwegian partner in the Municipality and at the sites, a subsequent technical evaluation of the projects will be made and all initial data for the implementation of the activities for construction of the street lighting system and photovoltaic plant will be checked. This activity will be carried out in cooperation with the project management team of Kotel Municipality. A seminar for the exchange of experience between partners and stakeholders is planned, where the results and conclusions of the research will be presented. Through the implementation of the partner's activities there will be a technical and scientific exchange between specialists from different countries, while gaining know-how for the development and implementation of this project according to leading world practices.