Improvement of the energy efficiency on the territory of Kotel municipality by updating the street lighting system in the town of Kotel


The term for execution of the contract is 18 months

Deadline for implementation - September 29, 2022.


The project envisages the implementation of energy saving measures prescribed in a survey for energy efficiency of street lighting on four streets in the town of Kotel. According to the prescription, the implementation of the following measures is envisaged:

1. Replacement of luminaires: It is proposed to completely replace all luminaires with modern LEDs, with reduced electricity losses. Their use will ensure very accurate achievement of the set lighting characteristics with significantly less electricity consumed.

2. Introduction of an energy management system and use of renewable energy sources

Implementation of Internet of Things technologies in the urban environment. This helps to improve the quality of life of the population, optimize costs and provide additional services through the connected lighting infrastructure. Internet of Things-connected systems allow you to adjust the amount of light according to weather conditions, for example, or on a pre-set schedule for each day of the year. One of the most important advantages of this intelligent connectivity is the ability to increase security in the settlement through an adaptive response of lighting to various emergencies such as road accidents.

3. Construction of a system for monitoring energy consumption

The system will include electricity meters with remote reading, which allows direct access to real-time reading of energy consumption.

4. Construction of a system for automation and management of energy consumption

5. Construction of a photovoltaic system to cover their own needs - Delivery and installation of autonomous photovoltaic lamps. After the implementation of the system, the following improvements will be achieved:

• Reduction of energy purchased from an external supplier

• Utilization of energy from renewable energy sources;

• Ensuring energy independence;

• High level of energy efficiency.