1.Increasing the energy efficiency of street lighting, which will improve the living conditions of the population, ensure the safe movement of vehicles, increase the safety of pedestrians at night and create a comfortable night atmosphere by:

  • the missing luminaires were filled in, replacement of the existing ones with highly efficient LEDs - total number of luminaires that will cover the whole city - 630;
  • new energy savings through the management and monitoring system
  • implemented energy saving measures - 477,791 MWh / year
  • implemented measures to reduce greenhouse gases in the municipality - 563.79 tCO2 / year
  • implemented measures for efficiency of the investment for energy efficiency related to the amount of saved greenhouse gas emissions - BGN 921.80 / tCO2
  • implemented energy saving measures after the reconstruction of the system compared to the current situation -83, 87%

2. Achieving compliance of the level of street lighting with the standards for street lighting - by purchasing equipment of the respective class, according to the recommendations of the inspection and installation of a control and monitoring system

3.Reduction of direct costs with high quality lighting:

  • expected savings - BGN 86647.62 / year, and the costs related to the need for frequent replacement and repair of lighting fixtures will be eliminated;
  • electricity produced from renewable energy sources in the total electricity consumption in the reconstructed system -10.32% -10.32 %-10.32 %

4.Established sustainable bilateral relations between the donor country / Norway / and the beneficiary country / Bulgaria / - by holding a seminar for exchange of experience between partners and stakeholders, where the results and conclusions of the best practices in Europe in the implementation of such projects for the replacement of street lighting. A detailed feasibility study of the proposed measures to improve the performance of the reconstructed street lighting system is provided. Preliminary selection and conclusions will be made for the products with the best parameters.